Investigation the Longhorn Caverns.
Burnett, Texas
September  2010.

Earliest records indicate that the Comanche Indians were the first to use the Beautiful cavern.
They came in about 400 years or so before anyone else did. In more recent history,
the cavern was used as a Confederate stronghold where gunpowder was manufactured in secret during the Civil War.
The cavern is also rumored to have been the hideout of Sam Bass, a legendary Texas outlaw.
Longhorn Cavern is one of the few river-formed caverns in Texas.

Staff members have reported strange events associated with many locations in and around the caverns.
Including odd noises, cold spots, apparitions, children’s laughter, and feelings of being watched.
There’s a “lady in white” that has been spotted both above and below ground.
Other reports are of strange bumps, taps, whispered conversations, and figures of Native Americans –
perhaps the Comanche returning to their sacred caves.

My Experience~

Firstly I must thank the wonderful  Ms Foster from the Austin Paranormal Society for her wonderful tour and
contributions to not only my investigation but the great work she and her group do in the Paranormal investigation world..
From the moment I entered the cavern that evening I was followed constantly by the energy of a soldier .
He conveyed to me that he had been one of the soldiers who had been commissioned to take care of
and load barrels of gunpowder that were kept and manufactured in the cave.
He was even able to guide me to the area he indicated had been close to where he had been caught in an explosion.
The area long since impassable he seemed it was important to him to at least have it known where he had been and
that there were many secrets to be found down there.

The entire time he was following me through the cavern the temperature around me was ten
degrees colder than around anyone else who had accompanied me. He was playful, protective and strong and I was
glad for the interest he had taken in following me that night as there was one section
of the caverns that even gave me pause to enter. The energy emanating from that area was dark and cruel.
I asked respectfully for the soldier as a southern gentleman to accompany and protect me through that area.
I am pleased to say that even in the spirit world manners remain; and he moved with me through that area.
Right after we got through that section in a playful maneuver; I believe to ease my stress and tension
from being near the dark energy in the area we had just left he pulled out the
pencil I had holding up my hair and tossed it to the other side of the cavern,
much to the surprise of Ms Foster, myself and my assistant.

Throughout the tour there were numerous issues while taking pictures..and the energy in the
Cavern makes it very clear that if they don't want a picture taken, then all you will get is darkness.
With respectful requests though you can at least get some really good shots.
Below you will see the orbs of energy that appeared in my pictures when I first felt the contact of the
civil war soldier who was my escort for the evening

The amount of energy trapped in this area is most likely due to the huge calcite crystals that form a great deal of the cave
both seen and unseen. Just as with Cemeteries it is not the bones that trapped the majority of the energies
you find there but the crystals that are found in the headstones. Just as sound with the right environment and
catalysts are trapped on CD's so too is energy transferred into crystals or other objects at the time of some events.
And again as with the release of sound from a CD taking the right equipment so to
does the reading and communication with energies and spirits need the right equipment or empath to
play back the music of the energy of all living things.



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