To be honest, I really do believe in karma…

I mean, why shouldn’t I? I have to, because I serve the Fates and they always make sure what goes around comes around for me, whenever I get hurt they make sure I get compensated in one way or another, you honestly can’t tell me not to believe in what I believe in because I’m not dumb and I do what I do because I have tried it out and confirmed that it is real… Also… I want to, because if karma is absolute bogus then what are we living for?  There will be no reasons for doing anything good… Besides, think about it, it is even scientific!  If we look into Newton’s laws of motion, 1) things either keep moving or they don’t move at all in a vacuum unless you touch them; 2) F = ma, force is equal to mass x acceleration; 3) When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to that of the first body… why on earth would anyone think that these rules do not apply to karma I’d never understand, everything in this world is energy, you are energy too, when you do something, you stir the energy in the pond and you are in the pond as well, so of course it is going to affect you in the end.  Whoever tells you you can escape the Fates or karmic reaction has no idea what on earth they are talking about…

A guy from 10 years ago came back into my life all of a sudden a few months ago, he said he had no friends left and he just wanted to talk to someone who would care… Of course I was shocked, for him to even imagine I still care sounds absolutely bold beyond imagination, but hey I am a nice person, so I did talk……. Then early this morning, he sent me a message again, telling me some very sad news of his.  I tried comforting him but at the same time I couldn’t help but wondered “why are you so surprised that you heart is broken when you broke mine back then?”…

In Chinese culture, we believe in karmic reaction, there is even a saying “whatever you do, the heavens are watching… if you don’t catch it now, you will catch it in your next incarnation”  I don’t believe in it, next incarnation? Really? How much bad karma do those bastards get to accumulate and live? And they still think they can be human in their next life? For some of them, with what they do they should consider themselves extraordinarily lucky to incarnate as a freaking dung beetle…… From what I have seen as a psychic, in my very humble opinion, you reap what you sow in 10 years at most.

So yes…. in this new year, let’s all keep in mind that we should keep our actions in check and make sure we are always kind, lol, please don’t ever come back to me as a toad and then blame me for not warning you 😛








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My Thanks

I need to say this as it is most definitely not said enough there are some people in my life that I could not do without…they are My Strength….My Support…My Heart and Soul and make want to be a better person … I learnt recently that putting off saying what you need to to those you love is one of the biggest regrets that you can possibly have ….

So here it is ….

My Husband….. Norman you are the most amazing man I have ever known… I love you …appreciate you and thank the godz every day that I am yours and you are mine….  I am fire and thankfully your water…ever changing and constant. There is no force more powerful…luckily for me.

My Beautiful Girls….. you are the best things I have done in my life and unconditionally I love you …..

Now my sisters..
Cilly...My sister…The healer…the level head and rational voice when the world annoys me to the point I want to burn it down…fixer of my Karma when my Stingers go off…lol…no matter how I rationalize their placement you forgive me….

Sahara….My prophet in tight jeans….  your a visionary…a star ….you lift my spirits and always look to the future and make things better no matter how dark it looks…

Audrey…..You are like no one else in the world…builder of Rat temples and saint to all things weiner….lol…you never fail to make me laugh and just wonder what planet you actually came from….lol….

Sahar…. Your style and class are unmatched….creative…gifted…strong and all heart…..you give me strength when I am down and your divine….never forget it….

Michele … Without a doubt your the strongest woman I have ever known…you show me that even when we want to give up and give in we cant…when we can not run we walk…when we can not walk we crawl and when we can not crawl….we fight ..

Vincci ………Though I know My little Sister Vincci  (the Grasshopper) knows how much I love …adore and appreciate her I want the rest of the world to know it as well…..  Never once has she let me down and always jumps in when I can not control myself…..She works hard to keep me up to date…..especially when I am overwhelmed by all I see and feel….

and to Lonnie
Never once have you not given me all the energy you have …even if it did knock you unconscious for three days…(*Sorry about that)   🙂
thank you for always being there…..


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Let’s talk about pain

Let’s talk about pain today… I had a long chat with Alia today and that sparkled my inspiration.

Would you rather take a dagger in the heart or thorn in your flesh?

Call me extreme, but I will choose the dagger anytime… it hurts more and I might die, but at least after that I shall know exactly where I stand and I have every single legitimate reason to rage… I have taken a few good stabs before, from men whom I was hopelessly in love with.  The pain was, needless to say, excruciating, but once it’s over I became much stronger and it’s worth the pain, and the rage that came with it was cathartic.

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with tarot cards… but when I see this card, my heart always skips a beat, because whomever I am reading for is definitely going through some kind of pain… Key to working with tarot is to not fear what it is going to tell you, because there’s always a way to work through a problem when we are willing to listen… and with a 3 of swords, yes the pain is blatant, it is right there.  Look at the picture, a heart being cut right through by 3 swords, and a storm raging on in the background, it’s pretty bloody and a card can’t get more intuitive than that.  Don’t try running away from it or suppress it, just because you can see the pain and feel it too it doesn’t mean you have to be all desperate… go ahead, take it, face it, experience it… because once the pain is over, the blockage is gone, and you will come out stronger and you will be able to move on.

Thorn in one’s flesh, on the other hand, is like a pain in the ass… whenever you touch it, it hurts, it bugs the crap out of you just because it’s sitting there.  It doesn’t do enough damage to kill you, so basically it doesn’t make you any stronger and it’s just useless pain, yet it is so annoying that it might drive you insane.  People who stick that thorn in you always love doing idiotic things to it, giving it a little twist here and there, like they actually enjoy seeing you getting mad because of what they are doing and getting their satisfaction out of it… Sick bastards I say… To be honest, I think these people should die.

Killing everyone who is being a jerk isn’t a good solution to our problems, it’s bad enough that we let people like that into our life, and now we have to get our hands dirty too? No effing way!!! Pluck that thorn out, get it over with, and move on.  It might sting a little, it might give you a small unnoticeable wound, but who the hell cares? Small wounds like that wouldn’t even leave a scar I am sure… Why should we give a flying fuck after all when people don’t give a damn about how we feel?

And yes, right now, I will be honest, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass.  I am a quitter, so? Bite me 😛 After all, I don’t see a 3 of swords in my spread, so why not?




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mothers :)

A very dear friend of mine has a baby son, his name is Rucas… he is my godson and oh my god this kid really melts my heart… Whenever I am angry beyond control, his mom would make him say something like “godmomma I miss u” in his wonderful 2yr old voice, record it and send it to me to save humanity, and they succeed every time.

Recently, another friend of mine has been troubled by her relationship (which is kind of disastrous indeed) and my friends set up a room for group chat on a chat engine so that we can all give her support and advice there.  And of course, as a witch and a psychic, I did what I did best for her: I gave her a reading right there and then.  After I nailed the reading to everyone’s amazement…. Rucas’s mom asked “can you read your godson?”

Hell yes I can read him, of course, but why am I reading into a 2yr old child? Lol, the mom is afraid that the son would grow up to be a player and she would end up there watching girls going in and out of her apartment and leaving dirty laundries around.  I burst out laughing really…. But still I did what I usually wouldn’t do… chart his birthday and read it from there…

Alia and I don’t usually read charts, because we believe there are more to discover from someone’s energy.  Charts show you their traits, but energy shows you EXACTLY what is going on… in this particular case, however, my client is just way too young for me to say anything at all really… so I chose to read off the charts in order to jump 18 years ahead…

And immediately after the reading… I found this:

lol, have a good day, moms and girls who want to become a mom some day…. 🙂 Jokes aside, a mom will always want the best for her children, and she will always love them unconditionally.  She sees ahead, plans ahead, and when things get tough she will always sacrifice herself just to make sure everything is going right for the young ones.  This is unconditional love, the most precious thing that you could ever have…

At the end of the day, maternal love is amazing.




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the physical body…

I have to admit, I never really paid much attention to my physical health.  Alia told me I have been taking shit care of myself and I could not deny…

This might sound crazy to you guys, but many of us witches suffer from ailments that cannot be explained… and we will do everything within our means to stop the pain… Alia, as most of us already know, has a long medical history and survives to the surprise of all her doctors… As for me… well I have weird blood composition, weird pains throughout my body, anaemia since I was 14, and vertigo developed last year, and no, none of these can be explained by doctors, not even Chinese herbalists have an explanation for it at all… All I have ever been told was “It’s not like you have something big going on in your body, it’s just that you’re weaker than others and there is no apparent reason for that.”  So yeh, apparently I am what I am for no reason…… and what did I decide to do to make myself feel better? I decided to stay ungrounded so that I didn’t have to feel every bit of pain happening in my physical body, I floated around for years….

I almost took it for granted that I was physically unfit, and I have been letting my physical strength slip away day after day… Knowing me, no matter how bad it gets, I know that the spirits would keep me going for a long time so I just took it for granted that I didn’t have to work on it…. so after years of treating myself like crap, it only took 10min of walking slowly to take my breath away… Whenever someone asked me if I was OK, my standard answer was “I’m just disgustingly unfit, that’s all.”

Whenever witches are angry or in pain, their energy/power peaks, because they channel that bottled up energy within themselves outward… I was born a witch, and a rather strong one to be honest (special thanks to Alia for telling me what I actually am, and taught me almost everything I know), and for a long time I thought I was strong only because I was in physical pain.   I mean, come on, think about it, when I am in pain, I am pissed and frustrated, and that frustration becomes fuel for my energy and allows me to do things which some would find possible only in novels and movies.

However, lately, I realized I was wrong, soooooo very wrong that I couldn’t believe what an idiot I have been.  And believe me, for me to call myself an idiot is quite something, because as a family (and by family I mean the spiritual one that Alia introduced me to) we really are picky about idiots.

I picked up swimming earlier this month for several reasons: 1) I had friends coming over to my building to use the pool and I was eager to join them; 2) I have another friend staying at my place for the time being and she is quite a swimmer and she keeps me motivated; 3) I bought bikinis years ago and I have only worn them twice and it seemed wrong… and many more etc etc etc etc etc.

Anyway, so I started swimming and BAM! I actually am getting physically fitter… Now I can actually walk around town for 5 hours without so much as pausing, this may be nothing for you all but for me it almost seems like a miracle! AND…. the more important thing is, now that I am physically stronger, my energy is unstoppable!!!

2 years ago it took starting snowstorms in the city I lived in to calm my anger… then I moved and I haven’t been able to start shit much, I kept blaming it on the new city not agreeing with my energy, but hey! Guess what? I was angry a few days ago and I started thunderstorms which were supposed to last for 5 days to calm myself down, and by thunderstorms for 5 days, I don’t mean one city, I mean 5 cities which are somewhat related to me all over the world.   A friend of mine immediately tried to calm me down because she was there but to no avail, I snapped and slammed her down as well and she has been under the weather ever since.  Weather forecast said people should expect nice weather? Not when I am around, not when I am upset.  Another friend made me happy one day into the storm, and guess what?  The sun shone on the second day albeit the fact that the weather forecast all said “thunderstorms”, because I was all giggly.

I am not proud of the inconvenience I have caused to the many innocent people involved all these years, believe me, I am sorry… but being able to change the weather is just one of the things that I was born able to do, it’s natural, and automatic, I can’t even control it.  What I am trying to say here is that, fellow witches and apprentices, when you practice magic and witchcraft, or when you are seeking spiritual growth, please bear in mind that the stronger you are physically, the better you are spiritually.   Just because you are like us, having ailments and pains and all doesn’t make you weak, but if you actually try working through it and start making yourself feel better, you will see a difference in your energy, and you can be even stronger.

Starving doesn’t get you any closer to god/goddess, not being able to breathe doesn’t get you anywhere at all… So be well, live healthy… Take my words for it, you will be stronger.



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Alia once told me during a discussion on the use of rocks and gems that opals are difficult and confusing to work with.  It is valid, because once you look at their “multi-colourness” you would think “Wow! What am I to do with this!?”.   Unfortunately I’m just drawn to them no matter what and I simply cannot pull away from them…

One thing we all have to keep in mind is that we are all different, I am naturally all over the place (hence the name grasshopper) so opals don’t throw me off as much (since I’m already off).   The more I read into them, the more attracted I am to them because opal is one of those stones that you can find one for every element.  I am posting pictures here so that you can see where I am coming from with this, but make sure you take extra care if you ever decide to hold one and tap into its energy, opals are not something amateurs should meddle with because their energy is vast and overwhelming, hence tapping into a water element one means you’re not dealing with a river or a stream, you’re dealing with an ocean where there can be undercurrents.


This is an example of a fire element one.  The colour itself is firey enough, and the pattern inside almost looks like a flame, I find it incredibly wonderful to see a flame trapped inside a stone.


This is obviously a water element one, you could see the sea at night within the stone… it’s like a picture…. I chose this one because 1) it is calmer than most other opals and kinda shows you how they could still manage to be a little more serene; 2) I honestly cannot take my eyes off this one…


An air element one…. look at the patterns again, and you will see why….. it’s like having a storm trapped inside a stone…. you can almost see the motion of air… the energy is ethereal…


An earth element one… Every now and then we use a rock of this element for grounding, but I will not suggest that we use a boulder opal for this purpose… it’s too much effort for too little outcome because of the nature of its energy.  It is not that the energy isn’t strong, it’s just that it’s so strong and so full of motion that this is not necessarily the best stone for grounding.  It shows us a side of earth that we tend to neglect: earth is not necessarily stable, its energy can move.

Many people have written on opals, and claim that opals are stones for harmony and karma… Karma yes, because with their energy being so great in the first place, it is not hard to imagine how they could bring issues up to the surface and make sure we deal with it head-on; but harmony I will have to disagree.   I see opal more as a stone which forces me to find a focus in a chaos, tune into the element and try to bring all the loose ends together and turn it into one unified force before I can apply it.  It is therefore more like a practice stone for me and it helps me practice focus and energy manipulation.

Opal is a rock very much alive, using its energy is almost like drawing energy from someone who has ADHD.  Having said that, stones are like us, they have their own tendencies, characters, and tempers, and they have their own ways of expressing their energy, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if you can actually come across a completely demure opal, and if you do, please don’t forget to send me a picture and let me know.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Wind…? Storm…? (smirk)

Downtown Toronto, wind: 63km/hr… and still going up…


My power is back… Need I say more? (smirk)

This is exactly what you get when I’m pissed, thank you very much…

When I’m not at peace, no one should even dare dream that they could be….

Life is not fair, I know at least as much, have you people ever really been fair to me?

So yes… screw you all… I’m messing with you all tonight… so what?  If you don’t love me, at least fear me and hate me…

As for naturals…… read into me (if you can) and feel my pain (if you dare) before you mess with me and get burnt…



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No Offence…

To those who have been “kind” enough to try to convert me to Christianity lately because I’m having a hard time… No offence intended, but please just kindly leave me alone…

So yes things have been blowing up right in my face lately, my studies, my relationships, my family, everything… and yes I really ain’t all that happy about anything at all.  Thank you for caring, but stop telling me “it’s the evil one trying to get to you and you should turn to God” because I don’t buy that…

My friends, no one, and I repeat NO ONE, can ever bring me down unless I let it happen that way.   I might be the weakest one in the family but I’m still stronger than anyone of you combined, if not in power then in mind… There is no evil ones, no Satan, no nothing out there trying to get to me, the most evil one is me and me alone, you should remember that…

There is no black or white magic, there’s just magic, and I am the one actively casting, you should remember that…

Awful weather did not happen because your God was pissed or sad, awful weather happened because I felt weak or I was pissed and I love storms, storms make me strong and I call on it all the time, you should remember that…

Nothing is happening because someone else is plotting against me, things are happening because I willed it that way, or someone else willed it that way.  My grandma is ill because she voluntarily refused to eat due to depression, not because some evil beings decided to reside in her and please leave that old lady alone.  My relationships blew up because I didn’t handle things well and I knew fully well I was making a mess… You should remember that…

Dramas happen in my life because I complained about being bored when nothing was happening, and when I complained (because I’m whiny) I attracted way too many dramas all at once, it’s all me… you should remember that…

If you remember all the above, you should understand that everything that happen to you is mostly just you as well… you should remember that…

And no offence, I’m not saying your truth isn’t the truth, I’m just saying I want to hold onto my own truth, because that is just how I see the world.  When I don’t try to tell you to look at the world my way, stop telling me I should look at it your way.  You hold on to your God, I hold on to my charming Goddess who spoils me just as my biological mother does, let’s just leave it at that… Jesus has your back, the Fates have mine…



Vincci, the little grasshopper

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Halloween Aftermath…

It drives me insane to see how people are having “re-kindled” interest in “practical magic” after Halloween…. what now? Just because you dressed up as a witch, you think you’re actually a witch?

Please do not get me wrong, I hold nothing against people practising…. it is a good thing, the more we try, the better we are I say… But seriously, posting pictures of manufactured “ritual candles” and “voodoo dolls” on facebook and telling me to “like” them? Are you effing kidding me?  What kind of magic is that???

As if that’s not pathetic enough, somehow I got drawn to pet adoption websites today and guess what I found? Tons of poor baby black kittens are on the list… Seriously, if you cannot handle their energy, why did you buy them in the first place?  To complete your “witchy” look??? People, please be responsible what you use as tools… it’s bad enough that you use animals as a tool, remember, what goes around comes around… I cannot help but wish that you guys get abandoned just like the little kittens you abandoned in the first place, then you’d see for yourselves what you have done to them…


Vincci, the little grasshopper…

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